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Yuhu Builders offers customers steel-frame homes at competitive pricing with costs lower than similarly styled traditional wood-frame homes. Experience affordable luxury.

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More Possibilities

YUHU Homes feature a steel frame that allows for a luxury result, without spending more for that luxury. High-quality steel offers more design creativity. More things are possible with steel. Make an appointment today. Call (408) 209-5900

What Sets YUHU Builders Apart?

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Explore the first prototype YH Home, a 6000 square foot structure custom-designed from the ground up and completely constructed using light-gauge steel frames.
Take a virtual tour of the first prototype YH Home with this interactive
3-D rendering, which is a key part of our design process: what you see is what you get. Click the image to get started.
See the strength and resilience of YH Homes materials for yourself in this torch test demonstration.

Luxury Interior Design

Steel Framing For Residential Structures

Yuhu Builders Corporation provides high quality steel framing for residential structures. Our steel is ICC certified - a set of building safety & fire prevention codes designed to set minimum standards for safe construction of homes & buildings. (click images to zoom)

Our steel framing system offers:

Better material than wood or concrete for weight load & structural integrity.

High-quality steel experiences significantly reduced levels of decay & warping over time.

Using a stronger material like steel allows designers & engineers to create a home that is typically not possible with wood framing.

Our steel frames are sized & engineered to be simply assembled at the job site. Unlike wood that has to be cut by contractors at the job site, steel offers more "pre-fab" capabilities - saving time and money.

Benefits Of Steel Framed Homes

Fire - Mold - Termite - Natural Disasters - Green Conservation - Construction - Cost

Fire Reduction

Unlike wood, steel frames increase the time it takes for fire to spread across the house or to neighboring homes. Steel frame housing components have been tested and proven to withstand severe bush fire temperatures of more than 1000°C. Although the steel frame cannot protect 100% of the home's contents, it does prevent the rapid spread of flames far better than wood does.  Steel frame homes can provide extra safety that may be critical to avoid severe injury and damage.

Laser Hair Reduction Clinic

Mold & Rot Resistant

Steel framing is a great way to build homes that resist the onset and growth of mold and rot, which easily form in the presence of moisture. Steel framing members are straight and connected mechanically (screwed vs. nailed), offering tight sealants. Unlike wood, steel does not provide a food-source for these organisms to grow and spread. Moisture does not get into steel studs, substantially eliminating the expansion and contraction of construction materials around windows and doors, where leaks can occur.

Termite Prevention

The United States Department of Agriculture estimates that termite damage accounts for roughly $5 billion dollars worth of damage in the U.S. alone. Building with steel is a smart way to protect a home and mitigate the amount of damage termites are able to cause. Steel is inorganic and immune to termite damage, eliminating  the need for costly termite tenting and structural repairs over the years.

Natural Disaster Safety

Homes are the first structures that are affected during a natural disaster. Damage to the home directly affects the safety of in occupants. Homes are affected by earthquakes on the west coast, hurricanes in the south and tornadoes in the Midwest. Steel structures provide stability and strength during times of extreme mechanical stress. Steel-framed homes offer flexibility in the event of an earthquake or high wind conditions. Steel doesn't warp, split, or crack, and it provides extra protection that is unparalleled by wood.

Green Conservation

Steel homes save trees. A typical 2,000-square-foot house, which requires 26,700 board feet to build, would require the use of 102 trees, according to the Idaho Forest Products Commission. Steel-framed homes are also easily insulated, reducing high energy costs in both summer and winter. The carbon dioxide emissions caused by steel production are offset by the carbon dioxide reduction from saving thousands of trees.


Constructing our steel frame system is easier than framing a wood-frame home. Instead of cutting, measuring, and fitting raw lumber to a general design in the field, the Yuhu Homes assembly crew will work from a precise set of plans that specify every part, down to the last nut. All the parts are pre-set, pre-cut and labeled, ready to be bolted and screwed together. The uniform quality of Yuhu steel frames yields straight walls and consistent performance; no swelling, shrinking, or warping occurs, even during rainy construction days. Our pre-engineered parts eliminate wasted lumber, extra shipping costs, and labor management costs.


There are many benefits to owning a steel home and one of the foremost reasons is the cost. Steel homes are becoming a more feasible option due to their lower cost. Not only are steel buildings quicker and more convenient to build, they are also cheaper and easier to maintain. On average, a steel Yuhu home cost matches or even undercuts the per square-foot cost of a similar wood-framed home.

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Steel-Framed Projects

Morgan Hill, California

Yuhu Builders is currently building a luxury home on a hillside in a beautiful valley, at a cost that is remarkably less than other similarly-styled wood-frame luxury homes.

The owner of this property wanted a luxury dream home, without having to spend a fortune. The solution was a steel-framed home catered to their specifications and needs, at an affordable cost.
This home design was made possible thanks to steel-framing technology. High ceilings, hillside stability & fire safety were important factors in making this home a reality. Steel framing made a world of difference.


Yuhu Builders has partnerships with steel-frame contractors in other countries in order to share expertise and technology. More homeowners and builders are recognizing the benefits of steel frame construction. Homeowners around the globe recognize the need for saving money, helping the environment, and protecting against natural disasters.

About Us

Yuhu Builders Corporation is a start-up residential design and construction firm that provides customers with innovative steel-frame luxury homes, that are both high-quality & affordable.